Marijuana local ordinance

Ever since marijuana has been legalized in more than twenty states, the city councils have been working day and night to make sure that the marijuana local ordinance is improved. So that the laws and regulations are in the interest of the patients in need of medical marijuana and of the public. As stated by the new marijuana local ordinance, medical marijuana dispensaries can only be set up in locations that are eligible. If the dispensary is to be established in the city limits, some conditions will apply. The first condition is that just one permit can be granted to the dispensary by the city council.

Furthermore, the dispensary that has been given approval to run the business in the city limits must be located in an industrial or a commercial zoning region. Also, it cannot be located anywhere within one thousand feet of a library, school and places of worship, youth centre, recreational facility or park. There is more, the facility cannot be located within five hundred feet of residential areas. Also, a public hearing will be conducted by the Board of Zoning Adjustments on the approval of the permit granted by the city council. Businesses that are given the conditional use permit must comply with the regulations that relates to operating, security, record keeping, facilities and signage that have been stated in the ordinance.