Dispensary insurance

Dispensary insuranceWhen running a medical marijuana business, it is essential to take out dispensary cover to minimize the risks that businesses are generally faced with on a day to day basis.  Your general liability insurance will cover the costs of damages that you face.  This can also include lawsuits if someone injures themselves within your premises due to your fault.  This can include cases like slips on wet floors or trips on broken stairways. 

Dispensary insurance

 When you speak to a dispensary insurance agent, you will be able to find out about the other types of insurance coverages that are available for you.  Product liability insurance is offered to protect you against lawsuits and claims that relate to injury and damage caused by products you are selling.  For example, if you are selling marijuana edibles and someone suffers an unexpected reaction and injury, then you will be held liable for the damages caused and you will have to bear the medical expenses as well.  The costs of legal fees and getting the case sorted out in court can get extremely high, whether the case is legitimate or not.  This is the reason it is very important to have a product liability insurance in place so you can defend the lawsuit. 

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