Learn How To Make Bongs

Learning how to make bongs helps one to serve on the product one is using when smoking. Only at 420college one will always learn how to make it. The first step is getting any kind of a bottle. Heating a paper clip and then cut about 1/8 inch from the bottom to make a hole. The third step on how to make bongs is placing a tube in the hole that one makes. This tube can be either a plastic of metallic. One should make sure that it is always air tight. After inserting the tube, one should then attach or place a bowl-shaped object just at the end of the tube.

The next big step is filling the bong and the tube with water. The water level in the tube can rise up to 1 inch. Then one should put a carb as a clearing hole to allow the oxygen into the chamber about 2 inches from the top. After learning how to make bongs, one can now fill the bowl-shaped object with the smoking product and start having fun.