Appellate Court Says, Marijuana Businesses Must Be NonProfit

marijuana court decisionsThe latest in court decisions came in People vs Jackson in San Diego county.  Jackson was acquitted of five counts related to possession and sale of marijuana in 2009 while operating Answerdam Alternative Care .   The decision was taken to the Appellate Court of California.   As expected the court ruled in favor of the defendant in January 2013. 

The Appellate decision, as you can see in the image below, instructs the people and is written as follows “that when a defense under the MMPA is offered, the People are entitled to instruction advising the jury that a collective or cooperative protected by the MMPA MUST BE A NONPROFIT ENTERPRISE.  Plainly, in determining whether a collective or cooperative is a nonprofit enterprise, it’s establishment as such under Corporations Code 122013 and any financial records of the enterprise will be relevant, including in particular any processes or procedures by which the enterprise makes itself accountable to its membership.  An operator’s testimony as to the nonprofit nature of the enterprise is also relevant”

This is further strengthening 420 College‘s education on how to successfully operate a marijuana business.  420 College is offering ready made marijuana nonprofit business paperwork from California Secretary of State’s office along with Membership agreements, By-Laws, Authorization to Cultivate and Authorization to Transport on behalf of the nonprofit.

Based on the Appellate court ruling, these are the papers you need to start and operate a marijuana business and the paperwork you need to defend your case under the California’s MMPA.

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