The Ban in LA will not take effect - Seminar to start Marijuana Collective

Medicinal marijuana users can count on getting their products from the same dispensaries as before now that the marijuana ban that was set to start in less than a week has been suspended.  

Supporters of medicinal marijuana delivered 50,000 signatures to the City Clerk’s Office, who have  15 days to authenticate a minimum of 27,425 signatures.  After authentication the law is sent back to City Council, where they will have 20 days to repeal the ban or set it to a vote on the March 5, 2013 ballot.

Mayor Antonio Villaragosa signed the ban into effect on Aug. 1, which stated all medicinal marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles County must close by Sept. 6.

Under the suspended law, individuals who use medical marijuana would no longer be able to purchase their products in a monitored environment.  The dispensaries offer a legal alternative to getting their product, instead of the street corner or through a dealer.

Under California law, some medical marijuana users are allowed to grow marijuana in their own homes for personal use.  Many marijuana advocates have said this is too expensive for many patients, with costs beginning at $5,000, according to the L.A. Times.

While the vote to pass this ban was unanimous, Councilman Paul Koretz is trying to pass a proposal that would keep shops that were established before 2007 open in Los Angeles, which is roughly 180. Americans for Safe Access is trying to get the bill overturned.

Patient Care Alliance Los Angeles also filed a lawsuit on Aug. 17 against the city to overturn the ban, according to NBC 4.

What you can expect to learn in the live seminar:
DAY 1: Starting a business in the cannabis industry. COST - $250.00
If you would like to start a Marijuana Dispensary, Non-Profit Collective, Marijuana Delivery Service, Marijuana Co-op and Marijuana Grow Operation, these classes are for you.  Our attorneys and dispensary owners and consultants will help guide you in the right direction.  

Objective #1:  State Specific Medical Marijuana Laws & Operator Requirements to Start a Business
Objective #2:   Decide what type of business to start, compare different types of careers.
Objective #3:  Create step-by-step plan to start your business.

  • Marijuana business licenses.
  • Marijuana business permits and other marijuana business paper work needed.
  • Where is the best locations to open your business.
  • What to write and what not to write on business application and where to go.
  • Not for Profit, "C" Corporation and Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation options.
  • Difference between Medical Marijuana Business and Agricultural Marijuana Business.
  • We'll answer the question "How will I make money if it's a non-profit?"
  • How to facilitate transactions.
  • Bookkeeping and paying taxes.
  • General Liability Insurance to cover your business and crop.
  • Merchant account services for your business.
  • Pros and Cons of retail, delivery and grow operations.
  • Advertising strategies.
  • How much money is needed to start.
 you will also get (all forms are necessary to run your business): 
  • California Collective registration form (you need this to get in business).
  • Marijuana Collective By-Laws.
  • Marijuana Collective "Membership Agreement".
  • "Authorization to Transport" medical marijuana.
  • "Authorization to Cultivate" medical marijuana.
  •  Comprehensive list of all online marijuana directories, hand picked by our chancellor.
  •  List of referrals of Merchant Services, attorneys, banks and other businesses that will help you run your business.

Becoming A Medical Marijuana Patient:
Medical Benefits of Marijuana and history of Marijuana:
Objective: to educate students on history, facts, and statistics about illegality of marijuana.  Students will learn about medical studies, benefits, etc. It is our belief that this information will help overcoming “it is illegal” objections.
    • Review studies and medical conclusions,
    • Go over symptoms, which can be controlled and relieved by cannabis.
    • How to become a marijuana patient.
    • How to get the State marijuana ID card. (this is not the card that the doctors or collectives give out.  This is from the state of California MMP program).

DAY 2: Cultivation & Edibles.
Take lessons from professional growers and marijuana bakers.
           Objective: learn how to produce medicine flowers from starter plants through harvest.
    •     Get started and produce your own medicine.
    •     Learn to grow indoors, outdoors and hydroponics.
    •     Instructions for  watering, lighting, ventilation, cycles.
    •     Equipment that will be needed.
    •     Learn how to grow Indoor and outdoor, as well as hydroponic.
    •     Detailed instructions on pest control, smell abatement, security, pH balance, and drying/curing.

Cooking, Edibles And Extracts:
Use your medicine by other means.
Objective: you will learn about the hundreds of edible cannabis products that are now available:
    • Confections
    • Cheesecakes
    • Salad Dressings and Drinks.
    • Concentrates
    • Extracts
    • Packaging
    • And food safety.
Take instructions from veterans in the field.
Mixer And Resources:
get off on the right foot.   Objective: to insure that students feel comfortable and confident before leaving the two day workshop, to assist one another finding people that have knowledge and resources to help you in your goal of working within the cannabis industry:
    •     Trainers support program and contact information
    •     Network Groups
    •     First opportunity to meet and greet with others in the industry.
    •     Exchange contact information to begin partnerships.

If you hired an attorney for consultation, you could pay $500 to $3,500 just for them to teach you the laws and how to start up your business. 

420 Cannabis College seminars puts you in front of real attorneys who specialize in medical marijuana law that have helped hundreds of people to open marijuana businesses.

Our professional instructors are teaching YOU information they would gladly charge you up to $2,500 to get privately!


What - are we nuts?  It only costs 10% of the fee an attorney would charge?

We care that you have access to QUALITY - UP TO DATE - RELEVANT information so YOU CAN MAKE EDUCATED DECISIONS TO ENTER THIS INDUSTRY!  When so many have the same questions - it just makes sense to hire the best and we can all benefit from the time spent exploring what we ALL need to know!  [By-the-way | 420 Cannabis College allow offers private workshops and confidential 1-on-1 programs!]

One of the greatest asset of all, YOU NOW HAVE FRIENDS IN THE INDUSTRY - you can call us back with any and all questions that you have and we'll be glad to assist you, as much as we can.  We are NOT LAWYERS, ACCOUNTANTS, BANKERS, INSURANCE AGENTS, AGENCIES OR YOUR MOM - but we know professionals that can help - and your Mom is going to love that we are steering you in the right direction!

This is a terrific opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting a legitimate business in medical marijuana to get over the scary questions - to find some reliable support and to make clear decisions

Not to mention, all the extras that you'll get such as the professional medical marijuana grower's info, medical marijuana cooking instructions, edible and concentrate recipes, connecting you with people who are already in business to help you along.  

Handouts to take with you - Basic start-up paperwork, membership agreement, authorization to cultivate, authorization to transport, volunteer time sheets, strain & product evaluation forms, inventory management forms, volunteer med check-out forms

EVERYTHING IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS to refer to if you need a "refresher" - anytime - you will have all the instructions in detail written for you and most of the forms that you'll need to file, an up to $1,500 value and saving you valuable time.

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