Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors is very risky practices especially if the practice is not legalized. This calls for checking a safe place that is out of intruders. The soil should be rich in nutrients thus California Marijuana College propose a virgin land to be suitable that any other land. This process always starts with growing the seeds usually 1-2 inches deep. One can plant them in rows or just crowd them.

Weeding the plant is always a step that should not be forgotten when growing marijuana outdoors. Care should be taken during weeding not to harm the plants` roots. Therefore if proper weeding is done, the plant will always have enough nutrients all through. Removal of the males is also important in order to avoid seeds from forming. During harvesting one should put all factors in place like the weather conditions, tools to use, and people to be involved. Thus if all these are in place, it definitely follows that one will always get the best out of growing marijuana outdoors.

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